new traffic laws ontario

Ontario’s New Traffic Laws

Ontario’s new “Making Ontario Roads Safer Act” (Bill 31) will come into effect September 1st creating some new rules for driving and stiffer penalties for breaking them.

Distracted Driving

Looking at, texting or talking on your phone while driving currently incurs a fine of approximately $200.  As of September 1st Fine:  up to $1,000 and 3 demerit points. Drivers with G1 or G2 licenses could have their permits suspended on the spot.

new traffic laws ontario

Pedestrian Crossovers

Drivers will have to wait until pedestrians have completely crossed the road at pedestrian crossovers and school crossings before proceeding. About half of all fatal traffic accidents involving pedestrians occur at intersections, the Ministry of Transportation said. The new law is an attempt to make roads safer for pedestrians. This change will take effect in January and fines will be announced.

Passing Cyclists

Drivers will have to give cyclists at least one metre of room wherever possible. The fine for this infraction has yet to be announced.   Motorists who open the door of their vehicle into the path of a cyclist without checking?  Fine:  between $300 and $1,000 and three demerit points.

Move Over

Come September 1st drivers will be require to move into the next lane when there is a stopped emergency vehicle with its red and blue lights flashing. This also applies to stopped tow trucks with flashing amber lights. Fine:  $490 and three demerit points.

Drugs and Alcohol

Driving under the influence of drugs will now incur the same penalties as drunk drivers.  Fine: between a three and 90-day license suspension and a week-long vehicle impoundment. 

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