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Secondary Dwelling Units in London Ontario

A Comprehensive Guide to Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) in London, Ontario

Are you interested in adding additional dwelling units (ADUs) to your property in London, Ontario? ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase the supply of affordable housing, and recent changes in legislation have made it easier than ever. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations governing ADUs in London, including key changes introduced by Bill 108 and Bill 23.

Bill 108 Changes:

  1. Number of Units: Bill 108 permits up to two additional residential units on properties containing detached, semi-detached, or street townhouse residential dwellings. This replaces the previous limit of one secondary dwelling unit.
  2. Parking: Generally, each additional unit is required to have one parking space. However, this can vary if a zoning by-law amendment has been approved that allows for no parking. Tandem parking is also an option.
  3. Ownership and Tenants: Property owners are not required to live on the property, and tenants do not have to be related to the owner.
  4. Location: Additional residential units can be in existing buildings or new construction.

London Plan and Zoning Changes (December 2020):

  1. Definition: The changes in December 2020 defined “Additional Residential Unit.”
  2. Size Requirement: There’s a minimum size requirement for additional residential units, set at 25 square meters (269 square feet).
  3. Home Businesses: Home occupations are not allowed in additional residential units.
  4. Eligible Housing Types: Additional residential units are permitted in single detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, and street townhouse dwellings.
  5. Number of Units: A maximum of two units are allowed, including one in the main dwelling and one additional unit in a detached structure.
  6. Location of Detached Buildings: Additional residential units in detached buildings are allowed in the rear yard or interior side yard, subject to zoning by-law regulations.
  7. Floor Area Limit: The gross floor area of all additional residential units is capped at 40% of the size of the main dwelling unit.
  8. Bedroom Limit: The number of bedrooms permitted in all units is limited to a maximum of five based on the dwelling type.
  9. Entrances: Entrances to units in the front or exterior side yard are not permitted.
  10. Parking Requirement: No additional parking is required for additional residential units, except as determined by zoning by-law amendments.

Bill 23 Changes (November 2022):

  1. Increased Number of Units: Bill 23 allows for up to three residential units on most residential lots, which can be either all three units in the main building or two units in the main building and one in an accessory detached structure.
  2. Restrictions Prohibited: Official Plans and Zoning By-laws are prohibited from having policies that restrict additional residential units on urban land parcels.
  3. Minimum Unit Sizes: Policies in Official Plans that set minimum unit sizes are prohibited.
  4. Parking Requirements: Policies in Official Plans that require more than one parking space per unit are prohibited.
  5. No Appeals: Appeals are not allowed for the changes mentioned above, ensuring faster implementation.

These changes are aimed at making it easier for property owners to add ADUs while ensuring compatibility with existing neighborhoods. If you’re considering adding ADUs to your property in London, Ontario, be sure to review the specific zoning regulations for your area and consult with local authorities to ensure compliance with all rules and requirements. ADUs can be a valuable addition to your property and contribute to the affordable housing supply in the city.

Bill 23 Proposed Amendments (February 2024)
London City Council voted on February 13, 2024 and will convey this decision in the coming days.

What is proposed?

A Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendment to allow for:

Official Plan amendment for the following policies:

  • permit Additional Residential Units (ARU) within duplex, triplex, and converted dwellings
  • permit up to two ARUs within a maximum of one accessory building

Zoning By-law amendments:

  • remove city-wide bedroom limits
  • increase NCN (near Fanshawe) bedroom limits pertaining to ARU’s
  • provisions related to building height, setbacks, number of units per building, and lot coverage related to accessory buildings containing ARUs
  • permit front yard parking where an attached garage is converted into an ARU
  •  define zones where ARUs are permitted use
  • include ARU permissions for duplex, triplex, and converted dwellings
  • include maximum of four units per lot for dwelling types where ARUs are permitted
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