Guide to Additional Residential Units (ARUs) in London

Additional Residential Units (ARUs) are self-contained dwelling units located within the same building or on the same lot as an existing residential unit. ARUs aim to improve housing diversity, affordability, and sustainable land use in London. This guide provides comprehensive information on planning, creating, and understanding ARUs in London. Types of ARUs: There are four […]

Bill 23 ADU's

What is Bill 23?

Bill 23, known as the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, introduced significant changes to Ontario’s land use planning and development framework, with implications for London City Council’s policies and by-laws. These changes aim to address the housing crisis by facilitating the construction of 1.5 million new homes over the next decade. Key amendments introduced […]

first time home buyer white picket fence

Government First Time Home Buyer Incentive

Summary of FTHBI Program Incentive 5% for existing homes, 5% or 10% for new builds Benefit Reduces monthly mortgage payments Repayment No ongoing payments, non-interest bearing, repayable at any time without penalty Eligibility First-time homebuyers, income and property type restrictions apply Property Types New construction, re-sale home, new and re-sale mobile/manufactured homes Equity Sharing Government […]

real estate deposits

Real Estate Deposits 101

The standard Purchase and Sale Agreement in Ontario gives the buyer two options when it comes to real estate deposits: 1.  pay the deposit at the time of making the offer – “herewith” or 2.  within 24 hours of the having the offer accepted – “upon acceptance”.  Most buyers prefer the latter as there is no point in […]

additional dwelling unit London Ontario

Secondary Dwelling Units in London Ontario

A Comprehensive Guide to Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) in London, Ontario Are you interested in adding additional dwelling units (ADUs) to your property in London, Ontario? ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase the supply of affordable housing, and recent changes in legislation have made it easier than ever. In this blog […]

St Thomas Ontario Real Estate

25 Things to Do in St. Thomas

St. Thomas, Ontario, is a charming city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, with its own unique attractions and activities. Here’s a list of things to do in St. Thomas, Ontario: Visit the Elgin County Railway Museum: Explore the history of railways in Canada at this engaging museum. You can even take a ride on a vintage […]

homebuyers checklist

Home Showing Checklist for Buyers

Sometimes in the heat of the moment buyers forget to look beyond the aesthetics when viewing a house for sale.  Once you have found the one you love you should go through this checklist designed to help buyers evaluate the condition of a property and identify potential issues: Exterior: Roof: Check for missing or damaged […]

why hire a professional

Is it Worth Trying to Sell My Home on My Own

If you’re thinking about selling your house in Ontario, Canada, you may be wondering whether you should hire a realtor or try to sell it on your own. While some homeowners choose to sell their homes without the help of a realtor, working with a real estate agent can offer several benefits. In this blog […]

why buy a house in london ontario

Why You Should Buy a House in London Ontario

London, Ontario is a vibrant city located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. With a population of over 400,000, London offers a diverse and dynamic community for its residents. If you’re considering moving to London, Ontario, here are some of the advantages and benefits you can expect. Affordable Cost of Living Compared to other major cities in […]