Legal Descriptions Ontario

Understanding Legal Descriptions

What is a legal description exactly? A written land description which delineates a specific piece of real property. A legal description of property is a formal and detailed method used to identify pieces of real estate in legal documents. Unlike a street address, which can change, a legal description provides a permanent and unique identifier […]

Best Real Estate Agent

How Do I Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent for you can have a great impact on your home buying and selling experience. This is a big investment, finding the best real estate agent at the beginning ensures you won’t have any regrets at the end. Things to consider when looking for the Best REALTOR®: You’re going to […]

diy home staging

DIY Tips for Staging Your Home Like a Pro!

  Home staging can be an easy and affordable way to sell faster and show buyers your property is well worth the investment. Start with a fresh mindset and try to imagine you’re stepping into your space for the first time. Then use these tips to get your home in top shape and let the […]

New Measures Introduced in Ontario to Cool Blazing Real Estate Market

Premier Kathleen Wynne today announced measures for controlling the real estate market in an effort to protect local buyers from getting priced out by escalating rents and swelling home prices 16 measures — most of which must be passed legislatively before being implemented were announced. They include: A 15% tax on home purchases by non-resident foreigners in […]

sales data London Ontario

List vs Sale Price London Ontario Real Estate Market

Here is a snapshot of list/sell prices on today’s closed deals. The ones highlighted in yellow were sold for list or over list price. This gives you an overview of what’s happening in the local market. If you are looking to buy you need to be ready to make an offer and if you are […]

new mortgage rules London

How the New Mortgage Rules Affect You

With Toronto and Vancouver home prices soaring to unprecedented heights amid years of historically low interest rates, regulators have stepped in to introduce new mortgage rules aimed at tightening up the market.  Industry officials estimate that roughly 1 in 12 new home purchases could be impacted. Here are some examples of how these changes could affect you in our local London home […]

Disclosing Defects

Buyer Beware when it comes to real estate. Author: Kristina Bradley In the world of residential real estate, there are two kinds of defect that buyers and sellers should be aware of. The patent and the latent. Patent Defects Patent defects are those that can be discovered by inspection and ordinary vigilance on the part […]

Real Estate Agent London Ontario

Are you wondering what to look for in a local to London Ontario Real estate agent? In my opinion there are two types of Realtors in the world and London Ontario is a smaller segment of “the world”.  Those Herb Tarlick old school boys club, before the internet, used car, slick sales pitch men who […]

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Leaves are falling! It seems premature but in case you need some time to mentally prepare yourself here are a few things you can do in the coming months to protect your home inside and out.  Interior Maintenance Seal windows and doors to reduce drafts and water seepage Have furnace and hot water tank inspected for […]