The process in Ontario for the purchase of real estate can be entirely different than in your native country.  Here is an


Find  A Realtor

You have probably found this page because you were referred by someone at the University.  In Ontario Real Estate Salespersons or Realtors® are required to be licensed under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act.  The process of buying and selling real estate is heavily regulated under this Act.

In the process of finding a Realtor and before searching or making an offer on any property you will likely be asked to sign two documents, the first is a brochure entitled “Working With A Realtor”.  This brochure outlines the various options that you have in entering a relationship with a Real Estate Brokerage or Realtor as a Buyer or Seller of Real Estate holdings.

Customer Service

Buyer’s Representation

Buyer’s Representation Agreement


Financing Pre-Approval


Making an Offer


Fulfillment of Conditions


Closing Day