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Throughout the year, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers proactively enforce the Sign & Canopy By-law of the City of London. If signs are found to be in violation of the regulations, enforcement action may be taken.

Signs located on the road allowance and found to be in non-compliance are subject to immediate removal without notice. Please see the following reference guide with regard to New Home Development Portable Signs and Real Estate Signs, which may be located on the road allowance subject to by-law regulations. You can use this summary of regulations as a quick reference, but please keep in mind that the quick reference does not supersede the regulations of By-law S-3775-94.

If a sign has been removed by City staff, there is a retrieval process, including fees. For more information please contact the City of London’s Municipal Law Enforcement Services’ office at 519-661-4660 and you will be connected to a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. You can also visit the City’s website at

Sign Guidelines for REALTORS® and Builders
(See By-law S-3775-94 for complete regulations)

Updated March 16, 2016

1. Real Estate open house directional signs (Realtor’s Signs)

  • Daily 8 am to 8 pm (maximum)
  • During hours of operation of model home (open house must be open; sign must indicate “Open House”)
  • Size – 0.5 m2 and no higher than 0.6 m
  • Permitted on road allowance
  • Located 0.6 m minimum from sidewalk & travelled portion of the road
  • Prohibited on medians or islands
  • No permit required

2. Model Home Sign

  • Up to 3 m2 on private property and 4.5 m in height
  • On the lot same lot as the model home
  • No limit to number of signs
  • No permit required

3. New Home Development Portable Signs (new construction only, Builder’s signs)

  • Limited to groupings of up to 2 signs, or a maximum of 1 sign per builder where there are more than 2 builders in the subdivision, provided the groupings are;
  • restricted to two corners of a street intersection
  • placed no closer than 100 metres from any other grouping
  • not placed adjacent to a residential property except for the rear property line of the lot or a lot that is undeveloped;
  • may have two sign faces
  • 0.6 m2 area & no higher than 1.1 metres
  • not to be displayed on a median or obstructing a sight line, or to interfere with street maintenance, impede the movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or otherwise create a hazard;
  • no closer than 10 metres to a transit stop;
  • no closer than 3.0 metres to a driveway intersection with a street line;
  • not within 1.0 metres of any municipal sidewalk
  • may be placed on a street at 4:00p.m. on a Friday and all such signs shall be removed no later than 9:00 a.m. of the immediately following Monday, provided that where a Friday or a Monday is a statutory holiday, the hours shall be extended only to the extent necessary to include the statutory holiday
  • permit required – annually from April 15 – March 31st
  • licensing agreement and insurance required for signs on city road allowance

4. Directional Information Construction Signs (Third Party Advertising)

  • On private property only
  • A temporary construction sign in the ground, by agreement with the property owner’s permission may have a sign up to 5 m in height and 6 m2 in area
  • Limited to the name and location of construction
  • Up to two signs outside a plan of subdivision

5. Construction signs on plan of subdivision

a. a maximum of 100 m2 per premise where the signs are at least 60 m from another construction ground sign

b. Construction signs for subdivisions may be increased by 10% of the sign face area to accommodate individual builders signs

c. Permit required if the sign area exceeds 10 m2

  • Up to three signs per street
  • The greater of 11.5 m2 or 1 m2 per 10 m street frontage to a maximum 25 m2 per sign

6. Transfer Ground Sign Area – When a property faces more than one arterial street, a property may apply to transfer sign face area from one street to another provided the owner enters into a uniformity agreement to transfer. The transfer may be up to 50% of the sign face area permitted on the other arterial but in no case shall it exceed 25.0 m2

7. Temporary Sales Trailer – signs are permitted on the entire face of the trailer but shall not project above the trailer wall more than 1.2 m. If the signage projects above the trailer wall and has an area exceeding 10 m2, a permit shall be required.

The following is an excerpt from the City of London’s Sign & Canopy By-law.

“6.4 Real Estate Advertising Signs – Regulations

No person shall erect or use a real estate advertising sign, or cause or permit a real estate advertising sign to be erected or used, except in conformity with the regulations set out in Table 6.4 and the additional regulations set out below.

Signs in All Locations Except on a Road Allowance Signs Located on a Road Allowance
Group Use Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 All Group Uses
Permitted Sign Types Ground signs and facial wall signs only. Prohibited except for real estate open house directional signs only if between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm while an open house is operating.
Number of Signs 1 ground sign per premise per street frontage except in the case of a co-listing, 2 signs permitted.

1 facial wall sign per street frontage related to the initial sale or rental of a multiple occupancy building or portion thereof.

No restriction
Maximum Sign Face Area 0.7 m2 3 m2 5 m2 0.5 m2 for an open house sign and
Maximum Sign Height Ground Signs – 1.5 m Ground Signs – 4.5 m 0.6 m for an open house sign
Sign Location Restriction – except for signs in windows, facial wall signs shall be located at a height no greater than 1.2 m above the first storey – subject to section 6.4(b).

– prohibited within a sight triangle as set out in Section 9.7

– 0.6 minimum from a pedestrian sidewalk and from the vehicular portion of the road.

– prohibited on medians or islands.

Animation Prohibited Prohibited
Illumination Prohibited Illumination permitted except that flashing illumination prohibited. Prohibited
Time Limitations Real estate advertising signs shall not remain erected for a period longer than 30 days after the subject premises, building or floor area has been sold, rented or leased, but in any event shall not remain erected for more than 210 days in any calendar year.

(a) Additional Signs – Notwithstanding Table 6.4, more than 1 sign per premise per street frontage is permitted where there is a minimum separation distance of 150 m between signs adjacent to the same street frontage.

(b) Real Estate Advertising Signs displayed on building walls may be located more than 1.2 m above the first storey of a building and may have a sign face area of up to 5% of the calculated area of the building’s largest face, if a permit is obtained. The sign may be located on any of the building faces provided the sign does not obstruct any window or obstruct openings required to provide natural light and/or ventilation to an occupied space directly connected to the window area. The sign shall be non-illuminated and shall have no additional exterior lighting directed toward it. More than one sign may be permitted to be displayed on the building provided there is not more than one sign per building face, and the combined area of all signs on the building cannot exceed the 5% area calculation based on that largest building face. No such sign shall be erected for more than 210 days in any calendar year. A permit for a Real Estate Advertising Sign displayed on a building wall shall be issued for such multiple of 30 consecutive days as is specified in the permit and shall be valid from the date of issuance of the permit or from the date specified in the permit.

(c) Notwithstanding section 6.4 (b) above, the two existing signs at 131-137 Dundas Street and 208-210 Dundas Street which exceed the 5% permitted sign coverage area may remain for a period of time up to December 1,2012.”

For more information, please refer to the Sign and Canopy By-Law of the City of London.

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