WORTLEY VILLAGE  (Old South) The Neighbourhood: Wortley Village is nestled in London, Ontario’s Old South neighbourhood.  Best known for its 19th-century homes, eclectic array of shops and cafes, walkability and a name as one of the most-coveted places to live in London, Wortley Village is home to artisans and artists, unique, independently owned shops, services, […]


          ARGYLE The Neighbourhood: Diversity is what makes this neighbourhood unique.  Demographically and socially, there is something for everyone.  New housing developments with easy access to the highway, older homes built in wartime and still occupied by the same owner, not to mention student housing to accommodate Fanshawe College, Argyle is […]


          SOHO (South of Horton) The Neighbourhood: SoHo refers to South of Horton just outside of downtown London. One of the older areas in London but one that is of great interest to developers who have proposed a $300-million condo project in the area along the Thames River.  As an older neighbourhood, the […]


          FAIRMONT The Neighborhood: Those who don’t know it would hardly notice it, those who live there love it! Close to downtown but far enough to host trees, parks and bike paths, the neighbourhood was designed in the 60’s and thanks to its circular pattern, traffic flow is drastically reduced.  Brick ranch-style homes […]


OLD EAST VILLAGE The Neighbourhood: Recently designated as a heritage district, this up and coming east side neighbourhood is home to young families and artists.  Revitalization of the Dundas corridor is an ongoing project and between the old architecture (with vintage signs identifying its former occupants) and the new hip, trendy business openings, The Old […]

Before You Start Your Search

What Features Do You Need? Do you need an extra bathroom, a garage, a fenced backyard, or lower utility bills? Do you want a fireplace, a short drive to work, or maybe minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, decide what’s most important to you. What’s the Ideal Location? Where you live obviously affects […]

More Open House Tips

Opening up your home for an open house is a great way to generate interest in your home. To help give potential buyers the best impression possible, make sure you follow some key tips before your open house. Move at least one piece of furniture out of every room and into storage. This will help […]

The Best Time for an Open House

There’s been much debate about whether open houses work and my answer is, “it depends”. Open houses may not work because of the location of your home or the competition in your market, but generally speaking, Open Houses also sell homes. When is the Best Time for an Open House? In many communities, Sunday afternoon […]

Home Staging Tips

3 Top Home Staging Tips Before you put your home on the market, make sure it looks its best to maximize your return. Take some time and consider the following tips to help you sell your home faster and for the right price! Make the space smell nice! Open windows, use air fresheners or bake […]